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Forgiving Yourself: Making Peace With Yourself

Forgiveness is a boon that you shower upon yourself, acknowledging the fact that you are human and supposed to be imperfect. Read More »

Effects of Low Self-Esteem on Love

Fight for yourself. In the end, you'll only be glad that no matter what, you can always rely on yourself. Read More »

What Is Inner Peace?

If you can make loneliness your friend, then you have found the solution to the biggest problem faced in the world. Read More »

Chromotherapy for Holistic Healing

We use the colour most required by the body to heal and bring a particular chakra into balance. Read More »

Curb Your Food Addiction with Weight Loss Hypnosis

Hypnosis directed my mind and actions onto a path that led to weight loss. Read More »

Know More About Your Solar Plexus Chakra

The Solar Plexus chakra makes you energetic towards life, your work, and the people around you. It will heal those wounds which the naked eye can never see. Read More »

Know All About Third Eye Chakra

The Third eye chakra is a powerhouse for intuitive perspectives. Read More »

Healing Pattern and Techniques of Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra is all about striking a balance between male and female, active and passive, and yin and yang. Read More »

Therapeutic Root Chakra Balancing Techniques

Learn how to balance your Root Chakra (the foremost chakra) using a few therapeutic techniques. Read More »

Voice/Un-Voice: The Health of the Throat Chakra

Learn more about benefits of keeping the throat chakra in a balanced state. Read More »