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Managing Debt Consolidation

Quality Time

Building and maintaining credit isn't easy, but neither is managing excessive debt. By carefully considering options and making informed decisions, you can maintain good credit and keep your finances in order. Read More »

Hey Congress, Small Business Owners Are People Too!


Most small business owners are still subject to predatory pre-recession credit tactics. Passing the Small Business Credit Card Act of 2013 would be a step in the right direction. Read More »

In Search of Money Saving Solutions: What is a Third Party Energy Supplier?

A recent Gallup poll showed energy costs as the number one factor hurting the finances of people and small businesses. Read More »

Four Straightforward Tips for Handling an Obnoxious Housemate

When you have to live with someone you find unpleasant, it makes your own life very difficult. Read More »

Eight Reasons You Can Legitimately Break Your Lease

An obnoxious landlord doesn’t mean you can break your lease, but here are some legitimate reasons. Read More »

The Best Defense Against Rising Gas Prices? A Strong (Credit Card) Offensive

Believe it or not, there are ways to save on gas that don't necessitate significant lifestyle changes. Read More »

How to Prioritize Your Debt

Make smarter financial decisions, like these suggestions, to reduce your share of the nation's $2.4 trillion in consumer debt. Read More »

Book Review: Organize Now! A Week-by-Week Guide by Jennifer Ford Berry

In 56 short weeks your home as well as your life can be simple and organized. Read More »

Book Review: The 10 Commandments of Money: Survive and Thrive in the New Economy by Liz Weston

Online guru offers financial advice for the new era. Read More »

Personal Finances: A Look at CD Rates and Forex Trading

Various types of CDs have been developed in response to investors' many needs, such as bump-up, liquid, variable-rate, brokered, and callable CDs. Read More »