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The Impossible Candidate

The GOP's search for a sensible and intelligent candidate who supports the GOP's crazy and stupid positions. Read More »

Mitt Romney for President

The Obnoxious American gives his official endorsement. Read More »

So Long, Perry: Mr. Texas Hangs Up His Ten Gallon Hat

Rick Perry is following Jon Huntsman into the sunset. What does this mean for the rest of us? Read More »

Not Anyone Can

Romney is the personification of the completed axiom that anyone can become President of the United States. Read More »

The Something Missing

It’s like watching a reality version of Gilligan’s Island as an elimination game show. Just look at the cast. Read More »

Florida Presidential Debate – Live Chat Event on September 22nd at 9pm EST

Sunny Florida hosts the latest Republican debate, now featuring 9 candidates including a healthy dose of Gary Johnson. Join us on Thursday. Read More »

California Presidential Debate Live Chat Event – September 7th at 8pm EST

Live chat coverage of the GOP presidential debate from the Reagan Library in California. Read More »

All the President’s Men (and Women): Electing a Cast of Thousands

We aren't just electing a president; we're electing an entire army to populate the federal government. We ought to think about who these folks might be, and where they come from. Read More »

Rick Perry’s No George W. Bush? Oh, Sure, He Is

To be sure, the two Texans may be poles apart on policy. But, close your eyes and listen to Rick Perry for a few moments and then tell me something doesn't ring awfully familiar. Read More »

Republican Candidates Have But One Opponent: Mitt Romney

The field of GOP presidential hopefuls has but one task now: drive Mitt Romney out of frontrunner status. Read More »