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Something Rotten in the State of Rutgers

In a plot that seems rather Shakespearean in scope, all the players appear to be in danger of ending up on the floor after a swordfight. Read More »

The Fat Lady Sings for Penn State Football

NCAA President Mark Emmert sang the swan song for PSU to be sure as he announced wide ranging sanctions against the school. Read More »

Penn State Removes Paterno’s Statue

The statue will be put into "storage" for what probably will be not only the foreseeable future but no doubt for eternity, and well it should be. Read More »

Louis Freeh Report: Penn State Top Brass Covered Up Sandusky for 14 Years

It's inexcusable that multiple Penn State top officials cared more about Sandusky than his victims. There needs to be severe consequences for their immoral inaction. Read More »

Sandusky Guilty But It Is Far From Over

We can hope that this case becomes something that will change business as usual in colleges, universities, and other schools. Read More »

Joe Paterno: An All-American Life, Story, and Legacy

Joe Paterno was many things, but through it all, he defined the phrase "all-American." Read More »

TV Review: House, M.D. – “Parents”

House, M.D. tackles parenting. Read More »

Justice with Judge Jeanine – November 12, 2011

Judge Jeanine brought profound insight into this hideous crime. Read More »

Coaches, Mentors, and Monsters

The problems at Penn State reveal the dangers of cultural myths that produce both mentors and monsters. Read More »

Joe Paterno Fired – Sound and Fury Signifying Nothing

Joe Paterno will eventually be remembered not for what he has done but what he failed to do. That is a fitting legacy to be sure. Read More »