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Washington’s Kool-Aid Cups Runneth Over

A Obama Dumb 2 Scaled 350

Well, it finally happened. Both sides of the aisle in Washington have lost all perspective, not to mention what little, if any, common sense any of them might still retain. Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner have each astonishingly announced their support of Obama’s request to Congress to intervene in the Syrian civil war, a move that makes no sense and ... Read More »

Tea Party: A Koch Industry

Koch Party House members rebelled and the Speakers’ tune changed to another piece of brinkmanship, for which the 112th Congress has become renowned. Read More »

President Obama: “The American People are Fed Up”

After House Speaker John Boehner walked out of debt-ceiling talks, President Obama speaks to the press. Read More »

The Sad Pointlessness Of John Boehner

Love her or hate her, Nancy Pelosi accomplished much as House speaker. The same can't be said for John Boehner. Read More »

Defending DOMA: Our Tax Dollars at Work

The government will not spend more than $500,000 in tax dollars to defend DOMA. You have to start somewhere. Read More »

How Democrats Spent Repeal Day

The political message was unmistakable: While Republicans were busy re-fighting the past, Democrats focused on jobs. Read More »

Why Democrats Should Not Be Sad

Make no mistake, the pressure is on Republicans. Democrats will come out better for it. Read More »

The Yin, Yang of the 111th Congress

Why is a Congress that has produced so much, also so hated? Read More »

Out of Power Republicans Look Good in 2009 Liberty Index

Under a lot of pressure and facing an oppressive majority, Republican legislators made many positive votes. Read More »

All Quiet on the California Election Day Front

As the rest of the country stampeded to the polls to "change" the political course of the country, voters in California were far more calm. And optimistic. Read More »