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Afghanistan: To Send Or Not To Send

Three groups that will cease if we pull out. Read More »

Theatre Review (LA): Peace by Aristophanes and John Glore at the Getty Villa Outdoor Amphitheatre

Culture Clash and the Getty Villa have a smash with Aristophanes' wildest and dirtiest play. Read More »

Book Review: Operation Homecoming Edited by Andrew Carroll

Sometimes the story of war is best told by many voices, not just one. Read More »

President Obama’s Cairo Speech: A Worthwhile Effort or an Exercise in Narcissism?

President Obama's Cairo speech was full of sound and peacefulness, but signified little. Read More »

The Republicans and Islamic Terrorists: Mortal Enemies Facing a Common Threat

Who knew that a sincere message of peace could elicit such hatred? Read More »

Music Review: Playing for Change: Songs Around the World

Through music, perhaps our world will one day find peace. Read More »