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U.S. Strategy in Yemen Should Fight Hunger

We are taking action against Al Qaeda in Yemen, but we also need to act against hunger. Read More »

Book Review: Island Beneath the Sea by Isabel Allende

Lessons in power and love from a living treasure of humanity. Read More »

Transformational Leadership in Tackling Global Hunger Crisis

None of these individuals waited to be appointed "the boss" of U.S. foreign policy and postwar relief. Read More »

Street Battles in Yemen

A civil war will only plunge this already suffering country into depths from which it may never recover. Read More »

Mission Accomplished?

Let's take bin Laden's death as a sign that it's time to rethink our foreign policy as we should have after 9/11. Read More »

Veterans, Doctors Support a Treaty to End Nuclear Weapons Testing

Resuming nuclear testing would be a politically disastrous move for the U.S. Read More »

Yemen: Children Echo Timeless Call for Peace

One thing we can count on are the voices for peace. We can count on the hopes of the children. Read More »

What About the Cost of Nuclear Weapons?

Fewer billions spent on nuclear weapons are more billions put toward other sectors of our society. Read More »

U.S. Wants Change in Yemen, But Where Is the food?

Hungry people do not make for a smooth political process in Yemen, or any country. Read More »

Book Review: Never be Lonely Again: The Way out of Emptiness, Isolation, and a Life Unfulfilled by Pat Love and Joe Carlson

How to avoid loneliness and be content and happy in your life. Read More »