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Acting Now Can Save Afghans from Starvation

Three million Afghans will face starvation if the international community does not act. Read More »

Humanitarian Aid Needed Long After Guns Fall Silent

Humanitarian aid is still needed even long after the guns fall silent in a war zone. Read More »

The Last Peacetime Generation: We Were in Junior High on 9/11

We remember everything, but we knew nothing. We couldn’t define terrorism. Read More »

This Day in History: Eisenhower on Disarmament and Open Skies

Even though the Cold War is long over high levels of spending on armaments are not. Read More »

Same Planet, Two Different Worlds

The one world where food is plentiful can rescue the other where food is practically nonexistent. Read More »

U.S.- Yemen Partnership Can Mean Food for Peace

Food is about the most inexpensive foreign policy investment that can be made. Read More »

Interview: Nora O’Connell of Save the Children

Budget cuts ought not to come at the expense of children and their families who regularly go to bed hungry. Read More »

Happy Birthday to Ike’s Food for Peace, But Will There Be More?

The House of Representatives has proposed reducing Food for Peace funding. Read More »

Feed a Silent Guest, Save a Starving Child in the Horn of Africa

If everyone would take at least one silent guest into their home, millions of lives could be saved in the Horn of Africa. Read More »

Book Review: Black Sabbath FAQ by Martin Popoff

A true tell-all book about the one of the greatest names in rock. Read More »