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PAX East 2014 Preview: ‘Evolve’


Evolve will be a game to follow and certainly one I am looking forward to picking it up once it is released this fall on PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4. Read More »

PAX East 2014 Preview: ‘Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!’


After what I saw at PAX East I am looking forward to finding a gazillion new guns in 'Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!' when it's released this fall. Read More »

PAX East 2014 Preview: ‘Defense Grid 2′


Gameplay tweaks, expanded storyline and solid multiplayer additions make this the one Tower Defense game to look out for when it is released this Fall for Xbox One, PS4, and PC/Linux/Mac. Read More »

PAX East 2014 Review: ‘Knuckle Sammich: Kobolds Ate My Baby’


If you are looking for a quick and off the wall card game, I highly recommend Knuckle Sammich: A Kobolds Ate My Baby! Card Game. Read More »

PAX East 2014 Preview: ‘Wolfenstein – The New Order’


This mature stab at the Wolfenstein universe will surprise a lot of fans of the series and FPS players in general when it launches May 20. Read More »

PAX East 2014 Preview: ‘The Evil Within’


Nice visual elements show promise, but on the strength of this demo the game seems generic and lacking in the needed scares or thrills. Read More »

PlayStation 3 Preview: The Last of Us

The Last of Us is a tense, gorgeous and challenging game that I cannot wait to play more of. Read More »

PAX East 2013 Liveblog: Penny Arcade Make a Strip!

This Liveblog will chronicle the creation of Monday's Penny Arcade strip with audience participation. Read More »

PAX East 2013 Liveblog: Storytime with Cliff Bleszinski

Liveblog of the Keynote speech from Cliff Bleszinski at PAX East 2013 Read More »

The PAX East Experience

What is the PAX East experience? It is more then it may seem. Read More »