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Graphic Novel Review: ‘Eye Witness III: Rise of the Apostle’ by Robert James Luedke


A new element enters the series in Book Three: a mysterious organization called the Global Development Corporation. Read More »

Super Tuesday Live Chat Event

Live chat with politicos, pundits and pinheads discussing the election returns tonight. Read More »

The Gingrich Deception

Some candidates think you can fool enough of the people enough of the time to steal an election. Read More »

Who is Behind the Santorum Surge?

If the media loves Santorum shouldn't that be a strong warning that he's probably not the right guy to bean Obama? Read More »

The Siege of New Hampshire: Newt Gingrich Finally Meets His Waterloo

Newt Gingrich is not only destroying his candidacy with his New Hampshire offensive, but his legacy as well. Read More »

Cain Withdrawal Offers Hope for a Better GOP Field

Paul, Huntsman and Johnson represent a brighter future for the GOP and it's time for their star to rise. Read More »

Not Anyone Can

Romney is the personification of the completed axiom that anyone can become President of the United States. Read More »

The Something Missing

It’s like watching a reality version of Gilligan’s Island as an elimination game show. Just look at the cast. Read More »

Blu-ray Review: Paul (2011)

Pegg & Frost's latest work disappoints. Read More »

Movie Review: The Change-Up

There's laughs to be had, but at what cost? Lowbrow heads for new lows. Read More »