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DVD Review: ‘Family Guy – Volume Twelve’


Family Guy's 11th season is now available on the Volume Twelve DVD. The quality of the show has sagged over time, but there are still a couple of good entries included. Read More »

DVD Review: Family Guy Volume Ten

Family Guy Volume Ten finished off the ninth season, which is only mediocre in quality. Read More »

TV Review: Archer – “Heart of Archness”

Archer presents a very funny three parter in between seasons, with pirates! Read More »

TV Review: Family Guy – “Episode VI: It’s a Trap”

Family Guy parodies Return of the Jedi as it completes its Star Wars trilogy specials. Read More »

TV Review: Family Guy Asks: Are You One of the “Friends of Peter G.”?

This week's Family Guy didn't exactly feel fresh: alcohol, musical numbers, and Peter acting stupid. Read More »

DVD Review: Rock Slyde

Even Patrick Warburton's brand of funny can't save Rock Slyde from itself. Read More »

DVD Review: Flicka 2

Girl meets horse, girl meets boy, girl meets mean know how it goes. Actually, it's worse than that. Read More »