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DVD Review: ‘Doctor Who’ – ‘The Enemy of the World’


Another Doctor Who serial thought lost has been recovered. The double-role-for-Troughton is a decent story, though lacks the extras most releases in this series contain. Read More »

DVD Review: ‘Doctor Who’ – ‘The Web of Fear’


Doctor Who - The Web of Fear lacks extras, but is a fantastic serial long thought lost, well restored and finally released on DVD. Read More »

DVD Review: ‘Doctor Who – Web of Fear’

Doctor Who Web of Fear

"Doctor Who - The Web of Fear" has robot Yetis, shapeless evil, and rolling waves of fungus. It's hard to resist Read More »

DVD Review: ‘Doctor Who’ – ‘The Moonbase’


After an absence during the holidays, the BBC returns to classic Doctor Who releases with "The Moonbase." Read More »

DVD Review: ‘Doctor Who’ – ‘The Tenth Planet’


Doctor Who The Tenth Planet is an important entry in the Doctor Who saga, and this release is pretty satisfying, considering the circumstances. Read More »

DVD Review: ‘Doctor Who: The Doctors Revisited – First to Fourth’


In honor of Doctor Who's 50th anniversary this year, the BBC is releasing a special on each of the eleven Doctors. Recently, the "First through the Fourth" of these were released in a four-disc DVD set. Read More »

DVD Review: ‘Doctor Who – The Ice Warriors’


With the help of 21st Century animation, this lost 1967 Doctor Who adventure finally can be presented in its entirety on DVD. Read More »

DVD Review: Doctor Who – The Krotons

Doctor Who The Krotons is the story of a parasitic race manipulating an inferior species, until the truth comes out. Read More »

DVD Review: Doctor Who: The Krotons

The second Doctor faces some truly evil machines on the planet of the Gonds. Read More »

DVD Review: Doctor Who – The Seeds of Death Special Edition

Doctor Who "The Seeds of Death," a story of a Martin invasion by fungus, gets the Special Edition DVD treatment. Read More »