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For Some, God Only Helps Those Who Arm Themselves

Mike Huckabee isn't alone in suggesting a Creator more petulant than compassionate. Read More »

Just Who is Destroying the Institution of Marriage, Exactly?

A simple 77-year-old man from Indio, Calif. could tell televangelist Pat Robertson what marriage really is all about. Read More »

Concert Review: Anvil, Studio Seven, Seattle, WA 2/12/10

Anvil rocked a near sellout crowd at Seattle's Studio Seven. Read More »

Pat Robertson Remains an Idiot

Turn off The 700 Club and try to regain your sanity before it's too late. Read More »


Tired of hearing people complain about empathy? Me too. Read More »

We Need to Blow Up the White House With a Nuclear Bomb

Okay, I admit it. Some left-wing activists can go too far with their rhetoric. Michael Moore has legitimate issues with President Bush, but his latest rant... Read More »