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Book Review: The Crusader: The Life and Tumultuous Times of Pat Buchanan by Timothy Stanley

Pat Buchanan's life examined and the man exposed for just what he is and always was. Read More »

Can WikiLeaks Destroy America?

Pat Buchanan asserts that WikiLeaks will be the undoing of American dominance, but is that true? Read More »

Why Blacks Watch FOX News and Listen to Rush Limbaugh

When it comes to diversity, FOX actually has the other networks beat when it comes to commentators and guests that support their viewpoint and even those who disagree with FOX’s narrative. Read More »

Hate Crimes Case Against Marcus Epstein Dismissed – A Cautionary Tale

Buchanan and Tancredo protege Marcus Epstein's pending hate crimes sentence is dismissed. Read More »

Marcus Epstein, Pat Buchanan’s Executive Director to Be Sentenced for Hate Crimes

The Executive Director of Pat Buchanan’s American Cause is to be sentenced for hate crimes. Read More »