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It’s Time to Embrace Partisanship

Bipartisanship and compromise are dead. If we want a more effective Congress, we must embrace partisanship. Read More »

Hollowing Out of the Middle Class is Concomitant With Rising Political Polarization

Political divisions rise as the middle class crumbles. Read More »

It’s Time to Nuke Senate Republicans

President Obama has to strike out to put some political fear back into the obstructionists in the GOP. Read More »

Richard Holbrooke and the Washington Most of Us Don’t Know

Few outside Washington probably appreciate Holbrooke's passing, and that's a shame. Read More »

In The Midst of Disunity, Rededicating Ourselves To ‘Peace Eternal In A Nation United’

A case for unity, as our nation knows too well the consequences of animosities between Americans left unchecked Read More »

Death Of A Senator, A Spark Of Bipartisanship

In the outpouring over Alaska Republican's passing, flashes of true feeling. Read More »