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Interview: Cecilia Velástegui, Author of ‘Parisian Promises’

Cecilia Velastegui

In Velástegui's novel, Monica, an innocent American college student studying in Paris in 1973, sees everything in Paris with rose-tinted glasses, and is determined to find the love of her life there. Read More »

Multicultural Miasma: What the Terror in Paris Should Teach Hollande and Obama

France terror

No civilization clueless enough to follow indiscriminate, unquestioning multiculturalism can possibly survive intact. Read More »

Interview With Faireset/Parole de Chat, French YouTube Videographer Favorite

The Youtube Channel of Fairset, Parole de chat. Photo by Carole Di Tosti

The events that have occurred in Paris are heavy on my heart. I was visiting friends there in the fall and it has been very hard reconciling what has occurred recently. This article/interview and any additional articles concerning French subjects are written wishing the best for my friends there and the citizens of France. In anticipation of going to Paris ... Read More »

Theater Review (Paris): ‘La Grande Nouvelle’ Based on Molière’s ‘The Imaginary Invalid’ at La Cartoucherie’s Storm Theater

Director Philippe Adrien with writer, actor, Jean-Louis Bauer. Both collaborated on 'La Grande Nouvelle,' based on Moliere's 'The Imaginary Invalid.' Photo by Carole Di Tosti

Perhaps no one better than the French understand how to make Molière's 'The Imaginary Invalid' current and funny. 'La Grande Nouvelle' based on Molière's last play and directed by Philippe Adrien at The Storm Theater in Paris was a delightful mix of innovation and humor. Read More »

Expatriates on Fourth of July in Paris

jim 1

Expatriate Americans in Paris celebrate Independence Day their way. This is an excerpt from my novel in progress, 'Garden of Ghosts.' Read More »

Book Review: ‘Remember the Time’ by Bill Whitfield, Javon Beard, and Tanner Colby

Remember the Time

For those who think they know all they needed to know about the King of Pop, 'Remember the Time' will prove you wrong. Read More »

Book Review: ‘Blood Royal’ by Eric Jager


The story of a murder that unraveled France. Read More »

Book Review: ‘Floats the Dark Shadow’ by Yves Fey


Can the horror in the shadows of the beautiful city of Paris dim its lights to the world? Read More »

eBook Review: ‘A Bar in Paris’ by Imogene Nix

A Bar in Paris

The storyline is interesting, the dialogue witty, and the sex is super hot. Read More »

Book Review: ‘The Crypt Thief: A Hugo Marston Novel,’ by Mark Pryor


A Paris set mystery that doesn't quite capture the City of Lights. Read More »