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TV Review: ‘Parenthood’ Series Finale – “May God Bless and Keep You Always”


Beautiful is the word the best describers 'Parenthood's' series finale. Read More »

Book Review: ‘Daddy Vs. The Suck Monster’ by J. Matthew Nespoli


J. Matthew Nespoli has written a brutally honest and hilariously funny book about parenthood for the modern man. Read More »

DVD Review: Parenthood – Season 3

The third season isn’t the place to start if you haven’t been watching Parenthood but, there is no reason not to buy it, if you’re collecting the series. Read More »

The Importance of the Lilly Ledbetter Act

Do women deserve equal pay? Read More »

TV Review: Parenthood – “My Brother’s Wedding”

Parenthood ends its third season with many emotionally moving events, as well as a Friday Night Lights reference. Read More »

Race to the Bottom: The Growth of a Dangerous New Class

Today, over half of young mothers are unmarried. This points to a far more dire problem than meets the eye. Read More »

The Politics of Parenthood: Are Children a Blessing Or a Curse?

The childless craze is gaining popularity with all demographics except one: the very religious. Why is this? Read More »

In Love With an Illusion: On the Delightfully Grim Joys of Parenthood in Modern America

Parenthood is thought of as being the pinnacle of one's achievements, but, in reality, it can be the exact opposite. Read More »

Raising Three Boys: A Strain, a Drain, But Not in Vain

Turning back, I see my efforts were amazing. How did I do all these things? Read More »

TV Review: Parenthood – “Forced Family Fun”

Parenthood immerses all of the major siblings in normal, realistic drama, without going too over the top. Read More »