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Glenn Beck – Messianic Hypocrite

Glenn Beck plans to desecrate the memory of Dr Martin Luther King on August 28th in order to sell a book. Read More »

Lies, Intolerance, and Disrespect for the Rule of Law

The latest debate over the so-called "Ground Zero Mosque" is replete with lies, intolerance and disrespect for the law. Read More »

Get Away From Me, Boy! You Bother Me!

I wouldn't belong to any political party which would have me as a member. Read More »

I (Heart) the Lohans

How far backwards must justice lean for entitled brats like Lindsay Lohan? Read More »

The Trouble With Sarah Palin: Snatching Defeat From The Jaws of Victory

The Republican Party can take back Capitol Hill — so long as Sarah Palin is not on its ticket. Read More »

Status of the GOP: Disjointed or Finding Its Voice?

Tea parties, libertarians, and moderates, oh my! Read More »

The Endorsement Minefield of Palin and Romney

Why would they support McCain over Hayworth? Read More »

To Tea or Not To Tea

The constitutional tea party Read More »

Capitol Idea: On Election Night 2012, Find Sarah Palin On Fox, Not The Ballot

Despite hype, don't expect former Alaska governor to use TV job as "platform" for election Read More »

Capitol Idea: The President Can Make ‘Democracy Stronger’ at Ft. Bragg

President Obama should put his money at home where his mouth was in China Read More »