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The Rational Right Strikes Back: Sanity Scores A Stunning Victory in Delaware

What the Republican Party can learn from an unexpected victory in a very unexpected place. Read More »

TV Review: Sarah Palin’s Alaska

Sarah Palin's Alaska is surprisingly good, and is sure to improve her image, even to haters. Read More »

Forever Young-minded

Americans cannot handle having an adult in power. How's THAT gonna work out for ya, America? Read More »

GOProletarian Revolution: The Rise of Sarah Palin, Populism, and a Cult of Personality

A close look at Sarah Palin, her followers, and the threat they pose to the Republican Party. Read More »

Run, Sarah, Run

A Sarah Palin run in 2012 is sure to put a smile on any Democrat's face. Read More »

An Evening With Sarah Palin

What I realized from seeing one of America's most prominent conservative voices in person. Read More »

Republican Trouble In Palin Country

The only thing more interesting than the Democrat winning is if the incumbent Republican does. Read More »

A Liberal Wants the GOP Back

I hope the GOP wins enough to make government good again for business, not because the GOP stands for anything. Read More »

The Tea Party Time Bomb

Its alliance with the tea party may offer the Republican Party short-term benefit, but assure long-term trouble. Read More »

Brother Beck’s Traveling Salvation Show

Glenn Beck's tent revival at the Lincoln Memorial was truly memorable. Read More »