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An Open Letter to Sarah Palin

Governor Palin's comments on voter fraud beg a few questions. Read More »

Mitt Romney for President

The Obnoxious American gives his official endorsement. Read More »

Modifying Conservative

Perhaps the GOP is looking for an apocalyptic Nixon conservative. Read More »

Buying Bad Ideas

I acknowledge a grudging gratitude to Sarah Palin. But I underestimated the “moose-hunting rube,” as Charles Krauthammer referred to her. Read More »

Palin for President?

She is famous for being famous and aging before achieving anything except commentary on herself on the political stage. Read More »

With Michele Bachmann Running For President, Sarah Palin Doesn’t Have To

Bachmann's entry into the race provides Palin Inc. with a golden opportunity. Read More »

Grandiose Expectations: Learning to Believe Within Our Limits

A rational approach to believing in and expecting things from politicians. Read More »

Election 2012: The Lesser of Two Evils — Again

As the presidential election season of 2012 approaches, shouldn't the public demand the best candidates for the job? Read More »

Take it from Gatsby: Why Repeating the Past in Politics is a Bad Idea

Jay Gatsby's lesson for all of us on the futility of chasing the past, especially as far as politics are concerned. Read More »

Why the Left Attacks Sarah Palin

Is the left really afraid of Palin, as some Republicans claim? Or is something else going on? Read More »