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Music Review: Sachal Studios Orchestra – ‘Jazz and All That’


The Pakistani orchestra proves that jazz can make its mark all over the world. Read More »

Comedy CD/DVD Combo Review: Kumail Nanjiani – ‘Beta Male’


Kumail Nanjiani's standup act riffs on his early life in Pakistan and new life in America. Read More »

Book Review: Outlaw Platoon  by Sean Parnell & John Bruning

Sean Parnell, an Army Rangers platoon leader experience combat and bonding in Afghanistan. Read More »

Book Review: False Friends by Stephen Leather

Spider Shepherd is back fighting terrorists in England, while working undercover as a gun dealer on another case. Read More »

Book Review: 3D Deceit, Duplicity and Dissimulation of U.S. Foreign Policy Towards India, Pakistan and Afghanistan by Arvind Goswami

An honest attempt towards a serious project to present an objective analysis of U.S. foreign policy for India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. Read More »

Thoughts About the Connecticut Killings

Parents in Newtown, Connecticut aren't the only ones to lose children. Read More »

America’s Thorniest Foreign Policy Challenge

110 nuclear weapons. On trucks. In a third-world country. Not good! Read More »

Pakistani Convoy Protests Drone Strikes

Pakistani opposition leader Imran Khan will lead a motorcade protesting drone strikes. Read More »

Book Review: Sikander by M. Salahuddin Khan

Seventeen year old's plans change after a raging quarrel with his family prompts him to leave home. Read More »

Book Review: Pakistan On The Brink: The Future of America, Pakistan, and Afghanistan by Ahmed Rashid

Books like Ahmed Rashid's cause an intense discomforting feeling of knowledge oozing into your body. You've been warned! Read More »