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Movie Review: ‘American Sniper’ Continues the Debate Regarding Art and Truth


Bradley Cooper is an actor playing a character in a fictional version of a true story. That is a qualifier in this and most films that are “based on a true story.” Read More »

Music, Gym, and Art Should Be Mandatory Subjects in K-12 Schools

arts 1

Schools without art, music, and gym are definitely institutions with glaring holes in their structure. Imagine those schools as if they were the 'Titanic,' and those lost programs would be their iceberg. Read More »

‘Breaking Bad’ – The Fine Art of Walter White’s Fall


So how do you begin to truly appreciate something so massive, so complicated, and still not miss something? Read More »

The Most Shocking Thing Bob Dylan Has Ever Written

Dylan has changed in the last 50 years, but it’s not at all clear that the journalists who write about him have changed. Read More »

The Medium is not the Message

If an artist intends to make art, it's art - whether it ends up being good or not is endlessly debatable Read More »

Setting Pianistic Standards: The Arthur Rubinstein Society And International Piano Competition

This article answers the forever difficult question of how is it possible to determine a “winner” when inherently “immeasurable” artistic qualities are to be measured regardless. Read More »

The Creative Energy of Quilts

Contemporary quilts show more creative energy than contemporary paintings. Read More »