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Afghanistan Hunger Crisis Deepens, Donors Not Responding

Over two million Afghans are in need of life-saving food after drought strikes. Read More »

Afghanistan 10 Tears Later: Starvation Threatens War-Torn Country

On this 10 year anniversary of the Afghanistan war, let's work to win the peace-starting with fighting hunger. Read More »

Acting Now Can Save Afghans from Starvation

Three million Afghans will face starvation if the international community does not act. Read More »

Famine in Somalia. Is the Wolf at the Door in Afghanistan?

The international community needs to act fast in Somalia and Afghanistan Read More »

Famine in Somalia: Questions and Answers

Predictions are that the number of people at risk will soon rise to 15 million across the region. Read More »

Diane Sawyer on Afghanistan: What about Plumpynut?

Cutting food rations for Afghan children is hardly a way to go about winning the peace. Read More »

Afghanistan: No Time to Lose on Health, Nutrition, and Justice

There is no time to lose in getting the Afghanistan strategy right, one that meets the needs of the people. Read More »

Shocking Child Malnutrition Crisis in Pakistan

Children are suffering the most, and malnutrition is devastating Pakistan Read More »

Interview: Oxfam’s Megan Whitacre on Supporting the Global Food Security Act

If a community can show concern for global hunger and poverty, our leaders are more likely to support relevant legislation. Read More »

Fight Hunger, Build Peace in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Josette Sheeran of WFP says he's heard story after story of tremendous suffering among the people here. Read More »