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TV Review: ‘American Horror Story’ – “Orphans”


American Horror Story: Freak Show continues a truly impressive run with the heart-breaking tale of Pepper. Read More »

Interview: Susie Krabacher, Co-Founder and President of Mercy and Sharing, a Haitian Children’s Relief Organization

mercy and sharing haitian children's relief

Mercy & Sharing is a foundation that feeds and gives hope to Haiti's abandoned children. Read More »

Little Orphan Me

Now, with both my parents gone, I must face the indisputable fact that I am an orphan. Read More »

The Korean War: Humanitarian Heroes Fighting Hunger

L3-B/Korea 1951

Nothing should ever be forgotten about the humanitarian who saved and the changed the lives of a generation in Korea. Read More »

Take Action To Help Innocent Victims of Conflict

Today we can help innocent victims of war in Pakistan Read More »

Book Review: Share from the Heart by Marilyn Randall

A story of orphaned brothers who meet a lonely dragon. Can they be friends? Read More »

Lost and Found: Adoption in India

Corruption and compassion are on opposite sides of India's adoption troubles. Read More »

Review: Jantsen’s Gift by Pam Cope

"This is the story of a journey that took seven years and the loss of everything I had." Pam Cope Read More »

ChildsLife Comes to the Rescue of Orphans

ChildsLife and other charities have to remain resilient. They understand the difficulties children face in a harsh world. Read More »