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Changing Perspectives: An Attitude and an Education That Helps Me Navigate the Publishing Industry

Where do we start building our writing career, and once launched, how do we juggle the many perspectives at play? Read More »

Beat the Dinner Rush by Planning Ahead

Instead of getting overwhelmed by the stress of putting dinner on the table during hectic evenings, plan your weekly menu out on Sunday. Read More »

Book Review: The 8 Dimensions of Leadership: Strategies for Becoming a Better Leader by Jeffrey Sugerman, et al

The authors stress the dimensions of pioneering, energizing, affirming, inclusiveness, humility, deliberation, being resolute and being in command. Read More »

Book Review: Make Every Second Count: Time Management Tips and Techniques for More Success with Less Stress by Robert W. Bly

If you’re not willing to give up time-wasters, maybe being productive is not a true priority in your life. Read More »

Singularity Watch: The Group Mind

Will the Internet push us toward a non-hierarchical model of social reorganization? Read More »

Interview: Author Barbara Tako Conquers Clutter for Spring

Author Barbara Tako's Clutter Cleaning Choices gives the disorganized easy tips on ways to reclaim living space. Read More »