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Book Review: ‘Love is Red’ – A Work of Fantasy and Horror by Sophie Jaff


In "Love Is Red" a brutal serial killer walks streets of New York killing young women with the book's protagonist seemingly his ultimate target. Read More »

A Primer for Americans on International Dating

Love Featured Image

Establishing relationships can be a difficult if you're living abroad, but the right approach can make a world of difference. Read More »

Book Review: Online Dating Tips for Women: Helping You Find Mr. Right by Maurice D. Choka

Online Dating Tips for Women is an excellent primer on how to pursue online dating safely. Read More »

In a World of Online Dating I’ve Gone Fishing

Did I really just sign up for Plenty of Fish? Read More »

Book Review: Men and Their Childish Head-Games: A Mind Boggling Tale of On (Off) Line Dating in NYC by Jessica V.

You can make wise choices so that you don't keep falling into the same dating traps as Jessica did. Read More »

Jumping into Romance When You’re an Introvert

How introverts can hitch a ride on the love train. Read More »

Beyond Online Dating: Outsourcing the Search for Love

If the impetus to outsource your search is a lack of time, wouldn't that also be an impediment to a relationship? Read More »

The Love File: To Hold the Incandescent Moment

A 30-year old folder tracks my quest for romance and reflects hope, anxiety and the impact of technology on dating. Read More »

Online Dating: Dante’s Inferno in Cyberspace?

The superhighway to heartbreak hell is paved with good don't become cyber-roadkill! Read More »