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Mets Mess: Luis Castillo Released – Perez Still Pitching In

I picture Luis Castillo during this spring training as a guy with a bucket on the Titanic. Read More »

NY Mets Mess: Goodbye and Good Riddance to Minaya and Manuel

Make no mistake about it: the NY Mets will finally part ways with Omar Minaya and Jerry Manuel after Sunday's last game of the season. Read More »

Mets Honor ’86 Greats; Get Blown Away by D’Backs

Yes, Mets fans can't help but think about the past because the present is so confoundedly depressing. Read More »

Mets Lose To Lowly D’Backs; No Trade in the Wings

Is any help on the way? As usual, Mets GM Omar Minaya is like a teenage boy at a high school dance sitting on his hands in the corner. Read More »

New York Mets Sinking Like the Titanic

Now that the Mets have hit the inevitability of the iceberg known as the West Coast road trip, we see the sinking ship for what it really is. Read More »