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Mets Mess: Oliver Perez Released – Thumbs Up or Down?

The team gave up on both Castillo and Perez, exorcising at least some of the ghosts left behind by former GM Omar Minaya. Read More »

Mets Mess: Luis Castillo Released – Perez Still Pitching In

I picture Luis Castillo during this spring training as a guy with a bucket on the Titanic. Read More »

Mets Mess: Castillo and Perez Should Be Gone By Opening Day

the Mets seem finally willing and able to part ways with two of the worst acquisitions since Bobby Bonilla: pitcher Oliver Perez and second baseman Luis Castillo. Read More »

Mets Mess: Trump Wants to Buy a Stake In Team

Wouldn't it be worth it just to see the Donald sitting across the table from Luis Castillo and Oliver Perez saying, "You're fired!" Read More »

Good News for NY Mets Fans: K-Rod Gone With the Wind

It is apparent that K-Rod now becomes K-Dud; he is gone and will not likely pitch for the Mets ever again. Read More »

Mets Honor ’86 Greats; Get Blown Away by D’Backs

Yes, Mets fans can't help but think about the past because the present is so confoundedly depressing. Read More »

Ollie Perez Starring in Another Fine Mess

So, Ollie, this is another fine mess you've gotten us into. Read More »