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DVD Review: ‘Doctor Who – Terror of the Zygons’


This story may be nearly 40 years old, but it is still relevant today. Read More »

Book Review: One Pelican at a Time by Nancy Stewart

A story of the Gulf Oil Spill. Read More »

Book Review: Drowning in Oil: BP and the Reckless Pursuit of Profit by Loren C. Steffy

A detailed account of the costly culture lingering within BP. Read More »

Singularity Watch: The Environment, The Future, and You

Deepwater Horizon Update: It ain't over yet Read More »

What The Democrats Could Learn From BP

Savvy, and ubiquitous, advertising brought the oil company back from the brink. Could it do the same for beleaguered members of Congress? Read More »

And So It Goes: The Implosion of the Obama Presidency

Failed wars, oil spills, tax hikes and broken promises are the four cornerstones of the Obama presidency. Where does this leave the future of America? Read More »

An Apology to President Obama

I know you're really busy, Mr. President. But... Read More »

When The Tide Turns: The Left’s Forming a Circular Firing Squad

Keith Olbermann, the Left's longtime media firebrand, has gone from hero to zero after his devotees shockingly turned on him. Read More »

Obama and the Solution that Wasn’t

"Never let a serious crisis go to waste." -Rahm Emanuel Read More »

Obama’s Communication Breakdown

What we have here is failure to — spin? Read More »