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Playing Chess With Corporate America

How can three players play a two person game? Read More »

Self-Made in America

Individualism is the heart of the crisis facing America. Read More »

Music Review: Venrez – Sell the Lie

Venrez releases a strong debut album. Read More »

Occupy Wall Street Stands Divided

The 1% of the 99% rise to the top. Read More »

Money Cannot Be Eaten

Materialism is just as oppressive as the other 'isms' humanity has been struggling to free itself from. Read More »

Occupy Wall Street Abandons Personal Responsibility

Occupy Wall Street is destroying its own credibility in a bid to stay in the limelight. Read More »

Occupy Wall Street: Wild Bill Says The Thrill Is Gone

I think WB is ostensibly telling the truth, or at least the way he remembers things. Read More »

Joe Paterno Fired – Sound and Fury Signifying Nothing

Joe Paterno will eventually be remembered not for what he has done but what he failed to do. That is a fitting legacy to be sure. Read More »

Truth, Reconciliation, and Occupation

If white and black could reconcile after apartheid, why not Wall Street and Main Street? Read More »

Protesters in Zuccotti Park – Will This Be Their Valley Forge?

Something that started as a protest has become a movement, something that the 1% cannot fathom or appreciate, at least not yet. Read More »