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Diet and Health: It’s the Sugar, Stupid!


It's time, at long last, to consider that the much-maligned Robert Atkins might have been right when he said "sugar is metabolic poison." The smartest way to progress out of this pickle is to recognize the sweetening agents in our food supply and more carefully manage them. Read More »

The Vicious Cycle of Eating Disorders and Body-Shaming, Part 2

I didn’t know how to stop the sexual abuse. I wondered: Since gaining weight wasn’t going to stop lecherous men and idiotic boys from wanting to play house, perhaps disappearing would. I was going to become invisible. Read More »

The Spiritual Option to Defeat Obesity

With spiritual balance and purpose that brings a strong sense of love and self-worth, the negative stresses that lead to unhealthy conditions are reduced. Read More »

Freedom from Obesity

The obesity problem may need to be addressed with spiritual solutions as well as social and fitness programs. Read More »