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The Spiritual Option to Defeat Obesity


With spiritual balance and purpose that brings a strong sense of love and self-worth, the negative stresses that lead to unhealthy conditions are reduced. Read More »

Theater Review (LA): ‘Fat Pig’ by Neil LaBute


LaBute's examination of relationships and body image receives a solid revival at the Hudson Mainstage Theater in Hollywood. Read More »

Eight Things I Don’t Miss About Being Obese

Ann Hagman Cardinal reflects on specific things about being obese that she is happy to be rid of. Read More »

Walk This Way: A Mother and Son Journey Towards Recovery

A surprising Facebook message prompts Ann Hagman Cardinal to reflect on the often challenging journeys mothers take with their children. Read More »

Do Controversial Sponsors Undermine the Olympic Games?

Should companies that sell unhealthy food products be sponsors of the Olympic Games? Read More »

Do Food Taxes Lead to Health?

With obesity on the rise, "fat taxes" are being proposed and implemented to encourage people to reduce unhealthy food consumption. Read More »

Freedom from Obesity

The obesity problem may need to be addressed with spiritual solutions as well as social and fitness programs. Read More »

Book Review: Weight-Loss Apocalypse: Emotional Eating Rehab Through the hCG Protocol by Robin Phipps Woodall

An intriguing, yet ultimately impractical, therapy for extreme weight loss. Read More »

Book Review: Heft by Liz Moore

A heartwarming novel about larger-than-life characters and second chances. Read More »

Book Review: Carbavoid: The Fuel For The Future by Cindy Fleck Howlett

Obesity and type 2 diabetes result from repeated spikes in blood sugar. Discover what to eat to eliminate these conditions. Read More »