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Obama and Doublethink

Obama is promising what he can't and won't deliver. Read More »

ObamaRama, The Trinity

Part three of our pursuit of Barack Obama's relationship with popular culture: a happy family, on the mind of Jews, and playing with a poster. Read More »

The Curious Blur of Political Candidate and Beauty Contestant

Is it a beauty contest or is it the presidency? You be the judge. Read More »

The Al Qaeda Threat and the Need to Find New Partners

The option of networking with non-state players such as Taleban and LTTE was never studied by the Bush administration. Here are some possibilities. Read More »

Democrats will have Buyers’ Remorse over Specter

Senator Specter's party-jumping stunt will cost the Democrats in elections to come. Read More »

The Left’s Myth of American Unexceptionalism

Collectivism and the myth of American Unexceptionalism may undermine American society as a whole Read More »

ObamaRama, The Sequel

We continue our pursuit of the enigmatic but ubiquitous Barack Obama in popular culture with stops in sports, music, books, and the comments section of Blogcritics! Read More »

ObamaRama, The Beginning

A scintillating selection of Blogcritics writers unwind the complex thread that Barack Hussein Obama has already woven into our national cultural fabric. Read More »