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VP Debate: Biden Brings the Fire, Ryan Stays Cool

Ryan tried to play it cool during the VP debate, but Biden brought the energy missing from his boss' previous performance. Read More »

The So-Called Presidential Debates Are a Waste of Time

The Obama/Romney showdown avoided the most important issues. Read More »

I’m Voting For President Obama

I only see one clear choice here: President Obama needs to be re-elected. Read More »

Mitt Swings for First, Steals Second

Romney gets to wear the crown for winning the first debate, but at what cost? Read More »

Were They Lying?

Did Obama and his minions lie, or were they just naive? Either way, the people lose. Read More »

Not Your Father’s Democratic Party

Exploring the radicalism inherent in today's Democratic Party. Read More »

Romney’s Lack of Judgment and Hypocrisy

Romney is unfit to be president. Read More »

Federal Court Blocks Indefinite Military Detention in the NDAA

If they had any shame, after reading the ruling against indefinite military detention in the NDAA, legislators who voted for the bill would resign. Read More »

Romney Angered by Muslim Sensitivities

The article includes a description of the video that provoked Muslim rioting, and politican's response to that rioting. Read More »

My Father Built This: A Labor Day Reflection

"I built this" is an insult to the workers upon whose backs this country was built, especially today, Labor Day. Read More »