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The Incredible Shrinking Dick Lugar

Earth to GOP: Your top foreign policy expert is telling you to ratify an important treaty. Why aren't you listening? Read More »

Will the TSA Crash the Security State?

The values which define America are incompatible with the dictates of a security state. Read More »

Run, Sarah, Run

A Sarah Palin run in 2012 is sure to put a smile on any Democrat's face. Read More »

A New Solution for Deficit Reduction: Hire Russ Feingold

The defeated senator is a liberal with a strong interest in deficit reduction—and available to serve. Read More »

All Quiet on the California Election Day Front

As the rest of the country stampeded to the polls to "change" the political course of the country, voters in California were far more calm. And optimistic. Read More »

Social Conservatism: An Obituary

With America's new wave of fiscal conservatism, far right social policies are nothing more than a relic of the past. Read More »

Fellow Citizens, Now is the Time for Grace and Magnanimity

OR, What now Mergatroid? Read More »

To My Fellow Liberals, Including President Obama, Quit Yer Whinin’!

Was it really a Republican tsunami? In the long view of American political history, no. Read More »


Musings on the Democratic shellacking of Tuesday. Read More »

A Rather Simple Choice

The Obama power grab skids to a halt Read More »