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Book Review: Predictive Analytics: The Power to Predict Who Will Click, Buy, Lie or Die by Eric Siegel

Author Eric Siegel writes about Predictive Analytics and how it's used to make some bizarre and surprising discoveries. Read More »

SOTU: Will Obama Take Responsibility for Drone War Outrage?

What the president wants to talk about tonight is a far cry from the real dangers to this nation which he should face up to. Read More »

Another Foreign Policy Coup for Obama

More of Obama's foreign "policies." Read More »

What I’d Love to See in the Next State of the Union Address

The Republicans want the power to determine how our economy should go. I say let's give it to them! Read More »

Punish Your Enemies

The ways of Obama and the Liberal Media Complex (LMC) laid bare for the recent election and beyond. Read More »

Mike Lee Passes Amendment to Protect Civil Liberties in NDAA

It's not perfect, but the Senate has finally listened to the people and protected civil liberties in the NDAA Read More »

Global Warming: It’s Time to Panic

President Obama is throwing down the gauntlet on global warming, and smart people are responding with panic. Read More »

The Great Election Robbery of 2012?

Rampant reports of fraud mar Obama's re-election, angering conservatives. Read More »

Republicans Wipeout on Minority Tsunami

The GOP chose William F. Buckley's path against Barry Goldwater's warnings, and the 2012 election proved their error. Read More »

How The Tea Party Helped Obama Defeat the GOP

Obama won the election, but wouldn't have kept control of the Senate without support from the Tea Party. That's right, the Tea Party helped him win. Read More »