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Have I Reached the Party to Whom I Am Speaking?

I just figured it would be the Obama wing of the Democratic voter base who would be wielding the flamethrowers. Read More »

A Critique of President Obama’s Highly Anticipated Speech on Afghanistan

Analyzing America's role in Afghanistan: the entrance, planned exit and continuing challenges. Read More »

Jon Huntsman on China

A broad look at presidential candidate Jon Huntsman. Read More »

Barry’s Trouble Every Day

Obama has publicly expressed a confidence that too many of us liberals don't feel. Cue the excuses! Read More »

Western Imperialism Strikes Again

The invasion of Libya is about imperialism not protection of civilians. Read More »

Mr. President, Focus On Jobs If You Want To Keep Yours

It's time for Barack Obama to his the 'reset button' on the economy, before the White House gets a reset in 2012. Read More »

The Fair Tax: One More Time

Politicians like to drag out the tax code and beat it like a populist’s piñata. It worked for President Obama. Read More »

Mitt Romney Opens in New Hampshire

Romney's day in New Hampshire was less than breathtaking. Read More »

House Leaders Kill Libya Withdrawal Resolution

When the GOP leadership forgets their oath to the Constitution it's time for new leaders to step in and be responsible. Read More »

The Mitt Romney Threat

Barack Obama's worst nightmare? Mitt Romney winning the 2012 Republican nomination. Read More »