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Obama Apologizes for Koran Burning; Republicans Quick to Criticize

Republicans quickly see an advantage in criticizing yet another presidential decision. Read More »

Why Obama Can Still Win. For Now

And yet the reports continue that the Tooth Fairy has a large following at the RNC. Read More »

Society and the Individual, Part One: An American Story

Whose interests are more important; society's or the individual's? In America, such a question takes on profound meaning. Read More »

The Case for the American Dream

Why America needs its fabled dream now more than ever before. Read More »

Who is Behind the Santorum Surge?

If the media loves Santorum shouldn't that be a strong warning that he's probably not the right guy to bean Obama? Read More »

Walmart’s Low Prices Bear a High Cost for America

Walmart offers cheap goods, but from driving out competitors to expanding taxpayer subsidized healthcare, little good actually comes from this. Read More »

The Depressing Secret of Santorum’s Success

The chattering class has missed the point in figuring out the root of Rick Santorum's success: economics. Read More »

Cats, Dogs, Donkeys, and Elephants: What Do Pets Say About Partisan Affiliation?

Whether or not you own a cat or a dog apparently makes a difference in the voting booth. Read More »

An Auspicious Beginning to Xi Jinping’s American Visit

The future leader of China and the Asian Communist Party is in the US for five days. Today he met with President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. Read More »

From College to Congress: The Building of a New American Dynasty?

The Wamp family of Tennessee is out to create a new noble house at your expense. Read More »