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America’s Thorniest Foreign Policy Challenge

110 nuclear weapons. On trucks. In a third-world country. Not good! Read More »

The Wake-Up Call of Fail Safe in 2012

Sidney Lumet's Fail Safe offers a perspective on the presidency never more relevant than it is here in 2012. Read More »

The Asian Missile Race and its Global Significance

Let us hope that the new global powers will not lead humanity into another bloodbath. Read More »

Nuclear War Is Becoming Increasingly Likely in the Middle East

Right now is not a good time to buy real estate in Riyadh or Tehran. Read More »

Television Premiere Review: Radioactive Wolves on PBS

PBS takes a look at the wildlife around Chernobyl 25 years later. Read More »

Energy Independence, “Drill-Baby-Drill,” the Saudi Prince, and Fox News

Which one on the list doesn't belong? Read More »

The Dangerous Decline of Missile Defense

North Korea, Iran, and Pakistan have displayed their ability to send ICBMs in our direction, and we are nearly defenseless. Read More »

Nuclear Meltdown Japan: What’s the Fallout for the U.S.?

The ongoing nuclear disaster in Japan has started a national conversation on our own shores. Read More »

The Incredible Shrinking Dick Lugar

Earth to GOP: Your top foreign policy expert is telling you to ratify an important treaty. Why aren't you listening? Read More »

Observations and Suggestions for America’s Future

How to save America's economy and our future - and why it will never happen Read More »