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Japan Nuclear Disaster: A Wake-up Call for Us All

We need to lose the nuclear power and nuclear weapons or we may just end up losing our planet. Read More »

Congress Planning Food Aid Cuts as Global Hunger Crisis Escalates

With nearly one billion people suffering from hunger worldwide, members of Congress are pushing for food aid cuts. Read More »

North Korea Moving Rapidly Towards Full Nuclear Capacity

North Korea has moved at such swift pace that an Envoy has been dispatched. Read More »

Senate: Ratify START Treaty and Fight Global Hunger

It's about getting foreign policy priorities in order. It's time to get started on START and food security. Read More »

Book Review: The Dead Hand: The Untold Story of the Cold War Arms Race and its Dangerous Legacy by David E. Hoffman

“Today, the weapons to destroy civilization, the legacy of the Cold War, are still with us. They are a lethal machine that haunts the globe." Read More »

Is the Middle East Playing With Nuclear Dominos?

A review of the nuclear domino theory and how it pertains to the Middle East and the global community. Read More »

Long Road to Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Began This Week

It was on August 22nd, 1958 that President Dwight Eisenhower called for negotiations for a nuclear test ban treaty. Read More »

Summer Fun, the Great Lakes and Nuclear Weapons Spending

This struggle - to fight hunger and poverty - is where the true struggle for peace lies in this century, not with massive spending on nuclear armaments Read More »

Finish What Ike and Kennedy Started: A Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty

This step-by-step progress toward nuclear disarmament needs to go forward, and the CTBT is an essential part. Read More »

New Treaty Can Help Get Foreign Policy Priorities in Order

We can now get our foreign policy priorities in order, of which more nuclear weapons and testing should not be a part. Read More »