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Road to Nuclear Test Ban Started Today

President Dwight Eisenhower called for nuclear test ban treaty negotiations on August 22nd, 1958.

On this day in history the long and still unfinished journey to a nuclear test ban treaty got its start. Read More »

In Berlin, Obama Calls for Arms Reduction


In liberal garb, Obama has revived his vision of a world free of nuclear weapons. Is this a wise posture at this moment in history? Read More »

Starting a Peace Race with the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty

We need to challenge all these countries. But not to an arms race; rather, to what President Kennedy called a "peace race." Read More »

Book Review: Tiger Trap: America’s Secret War With China by David Wise

A tiger by the tail. Read More »

This Day in History: Eisenhower on Disarmament and Open Skies

Even though the Cold War is long over high levels of spending on armaments are not. Read More »

More Troubling News out of North Korea

And a look at America's presence on the Korean peninsula. Read More »

Veterans, Doctors Support a Treaty to End Nuclear Weapons Testing

Resuming nuclear testing would be a politically disastrous move for the U.S. Read More »

What About the Cost of Nuclear Weapons?

Fewer billions spent on nuclear weapons are more billions put toward other sectors of our society. Read More »

Congress: Food Aid Budget Cuts a Disaster

Budget cuts to food aid will put millions of lives at risk and be a disaster for our foreign policy. Read More »

Japan Nuclear Disaster: A Wake-up Call for Us All

We need to lose the nuclear power and nuclear weapons or we may just end up losing our planet. Read More »