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Road to Nuclear Test Ban Started Today

President Dwight Eisenhower called for nuclear test ban treaty negotiations on August 22nd, 1958.

On this day in history the long and still unfinished journey to a nuclear test ban treaty got its start. Read More »

Kim Jong-Un Speaks to His People

Kim the Younger was relaxed as he spoke for the first time since his ascension to power. Read More »

North Korean Underground Nuclear Test May Be a Ploy

North Korea may be vacating an agreement for food aid by preparing a missile launch and allegedly initiating underground nuclear tests. Are the tests a ruse? Read More »

Starting a Peace Race with the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty

We need to challenge all these countries. But not to an arms race; rather, to what President Kennedy called a "peace race." Read More »

Finish What Ike and Kennedy Started: A Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty

This step-by-step progress toward nuclear disarmament needs to go forward, and the CTBT is an essential part. Read More »