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North Korea to Launch Missiles Towards Australia

Pyongyang ignores food agreement; more belligerent than ever. Read More »

Is Israeli Pressure Behind Iran’s New Willingness to Negotiate?

Now that Iran has demonstrated nuclear skill at energy production, it is asking for new negotiations with the West. Read More »

North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-il has Died

North Koreans weep as their beloved leader Kim Jong-Il dies. Read More »

Is the Middle East Playing With Nuclear Dominos?

A review of the nuclear domino theory and how it pertains to the Middle East and the global community. Read More »

Ahmadinejad Has Been Lucid, Open, and Diplomatic

A review of the recent statements and remarks from Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Read More »

Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Conference in New York

Next week's conference is meant to build support for bringing the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty into force. Read More »

A Threat to Our Waters: the A.Q. Khan Network and North Korea

The threat from nuclear proliferation remains very real. Read More »

Culture Wars: Responding to North Korea

In a land where personality rules, aggressive actions from the West could backfire. Read More »