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An Alternate Reality United States, Part IV: Tourism

Tourism in the U.S.(alt) flourished, in large part due to "gun junkets" which became very popular now that gun laws no longer existed. Read More »

An Alternate Reality United States, Part III: Fashion

In the alternate United States, before we returned to sanity, fashion designers were forced to give the public what it needed most: camouflage. Read More »

From Outside In

What is it that gives the NRA the power so easily to manipulate our legislative process? Read More »

Barbarism Begins at Home

In what has now become a periodic sacrifice of innocents for the apathetic bliss of a nation, we are complicit. Read More »

The Fall of Lady Liberty

The dictatorship of Our Lady Liberty! Read More »

A Tale of Two Guns

Can two opinions still be perfectly rational even though they totally oppose each other? Read More »

Children are Dying in Cities – Gun Control Is the Issue

Mitt Romney has several views on gun control. Select one. Read More »

TV Review: Top Shot

Pre-series hype mentions use of a crossbow to shoot an apple and a handgun to re-enact the attempt on President Reagan. Read More »