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Music Review: Various Artists – The Great Gatsby Soundtrack

Why YOU should check out The Great Gatsby soundtrack! Read More »

Theater Review (LA): The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs at Theatre Asylum

Mike Daisey's controversial monologue receives a makeover in Theatre Asylum's new production. Read More »

The Newsroom: “I’ll Try to Fix You” – A Lesson in Truthiness

HBO's The Newsroom takes on truthiness Read More »

Come to the Real Florida

See you at the Worm Grunter’s Ball! Read More »

Book Review: Never the Hope Itself: Love and Ghosts in Latin American and Haiti by Gerry Hadden

From Haiti to Mexico, the life of NPR reporter in Latin America is dangerous and fraught. Read More »

Poll Shows Many Retirees Happy, But What About the Rest?

Retirement is just like graduating from school—the question is, what are you going to make of your retirement? Read More »

Reflections on the Future of Capitalism – Or the Scavenger Hunt

Rats abandoning the sinking ship used to be an apt metaphor, but I’m afraid our once respected banking industry has raised it a notch better: while at it, why not sell what remains for scrap? Read More »

Interview: Novelist Diana Abu-Jaber on Birds of Paradise: A Novel

“Ha! You know what, I started writing at red lights years ago ... this actually isn't a bad way to get thoughts down quickly...” Read More »

Who Needs NPR?

House Republicans voted their conscience, and this tells us everything we need to know. It’s not about the money. Read More »

Juan Williams is an Islamophobe, Darrell Issa is a RINO, and Other Absurdities: The Bipartisan Assault on Sanity

The far left and the far right unwittingly join forces to destroy the American Way of Life. Read More »