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Movie Review: ‘The Interview’


The Interview is funny, but is it funny enough to be worth seeing? Or should one check it out simply because of the controversy? Read More »

Book Review: “Dear Leader” by Jang Jin-Sung


An inside look at North Korea from a favorite poet of Kim Jung-Il and government propagandist. Read More »

Obama Losing Support on Syria – Send Dennis Rodman to Damascus Now!

den 5

It would be much better to be shooting basketballs in North Korea and Syria instead of bombs. Read More »

North Korea’s Intimidation Strategy – Time for the U.S. to Get Some Headlines Too

Mr. Obama should name Dennis Rodman as Ambassador to North Korea. Read More »

Caroline Kennedy Likely Choice for Ambassador to Japan

We question the appointment of Ms. Caroline Kennedy to an important post in Japan. Read More »

NY Mets Pitcher Johan Santana Probably Out for Season

For now the Mets are staring at Opening Day and wondering how to get through the remaining 161 games as quickly as possibly. Read More »

North Korea Continues to Threaten; Is Spending More the Solution?

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel plans elaborate anti-missile defense system to thwart North Korea. Read More »

Dennis Rodman on Kim Jong-Un: “He’s My Friend!”

"He's my friend! I love him." Dennis Rodman says of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un Read More »

Kim Jong Un Pledges Nuclear Attacks on the United States

North Korea declares "Long range rockets will be launched, one after another!" Read More »

Kim Jong-un Calls for More Unified Korean Peninsula

Kim Jong-un spoke on New Years day, promising improved conditions and better relations with the south. Read More »