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Board Game Review: ‘Zerpang!’


Strategy is key to victory, but luck of the draw plays a big part assembling a potent hand. Read More »

Dice Game Review: ‘Pirates vs Ninjas’


PvN asks the great question that regularly baffles the internet and causes kung-fu-tavern battles to this day: who would win in a fight between pirates and ninjas? Read More »

Why Ninjas Don’t Wear Purple

Further reflections on the Catwoman costume and the impracticality of calling the black catsuit practical. Read More »

DVD Review – Naruto Shippuden DVD – Box Set Six

Can one young Ninja change his destiny to save his world? Read More »

DVD Review: Ninjas Vs. Zombies

The effort is respected but not the final product. Read More »

DVD Review: Ninja Assassin

Ninjas in the modern world with lots of blood and beheadings! Read More »

Nintendow Wii Review: Muramasa – The Demon Blade

A beautiful 2D side-scroller... but is there enough action to go with it? Read More »