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Card Game Review: ‘Pittsburgh 68′


While complicated, the rules flow once the learning curve has been ascended and "Pittsburgh 68" proves itself different from other zombie games. Read More »

The Zombie Apocalypse: Tales for our Troubled Times


The world might be going to hell, but at least no one’s ambling (or shambling or running) to devour your brains. Not yet. Read More »

Chatting with Bill Corbett about Riffing: ‘Night of the Living Dead’


One on one with RiffTrax's Bill Corbett on the upcoming Night of the Living Dead event. Read More »

Movie Review: George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead (1968)

For a film made for about $100,000 and with a cast of unknowns, its impact not only on the horror genre, but all other kinds of films as well, cannot be underestimated. Read More »

Night of the Living Dread: Mets Fan Turns Into Dodger Zombie When LA Comes to Town

He was rooting for the team that broke his heart and against the team that had come along and saved him. Read More »

Book Review: Dead of Night by Jonathan Maberry

Jonathan Maberry reinvents the traditional zombie tale and scares you just in time for Halloween... Read More »

DVD Review: Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated

The zombies have... changed and become more artistic! Read More »

Book Review: Zombie Brittanica by Thomas Emson

Not exactly what I was hoping for in a zombie novel... Read More »

DVD Review: Evilution

Alien possessed lifeforms run rampant in a run-down apartment building. Read More »

DVD Review: Staunton Hill

Why does George A. Romero claim “This is as scary as it gets?” Read the answer here. Read More »