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Music Review: Tamikrest – ‘Chatma’


Building on the foundations laid by earlier Touareg bands, Tamikrest have created their own sound and message. Read More »

Music Review: Etran Finatawa – ‘The Sahara Sessions’

Etran Finatawa

You may not understand the lyrics but you can still appreciate the passion and the sound of this inspirational music. Read More »

College Class to Help Feed the Hungry

The students are going to help fight global hunger by playing FreeRice and walking Charity Miles as part of their course. Read More »

Festival au Désert 2013 Cancelled Due to Uprising in Northern Mali

This year's Tuareg music festival in Mali will be exported in the form of "events in exile." Read More »

Feeding the Hungry in a Season of Giving

In the Season of Giving, what the individual can do to lead the fight against hunger worldwide. Read More »

FreeRice Can Feed the Hungry on Thanksgiving

After turkey this year, make some time for FreeRice and help feed people a world away in Niger. Read More »

Music Review: Terakaft – Kel Tamasheq

A recording of compelling songs telling the world who Kel Tamasheq are and what they believe in. Read More »

Hunger and Fear in the Sahel of Africa

There is a struggle for survival ongoing for millions of people at risk of hunger in the Sahel region of Africa. Read More »

This Memorial Day You Can Save a Life In Famine-Threatened West Africa

This Memorial Day is a time a time when people can rally to save the lives of millions of people threatened by famine. Read More »

Mauritania: School Meals, Refugee Aid Lack Funding

Humanitarian aid missions in Mauritania are facing funding shortages while the hunger crisis escalates. Read More »