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Movie Review: Gangster Squad

Lots of gunfire that never hits the bullseye. Read More »

TV Review: Luck – “Episode 9″

Luck comes to an end with a great season finale, but not a lot of series closure. Read More »

TV Review: Luck – “Pilot”

Luck has a lot going for it, once one can get past the confusion and unfamiliarity of the world. Read More »

Blu-ray Review: Cape Fear (1991)

Great performances and sure-handed direction from Martin Scorsese keep this one exciting twenty years later. Read More »

Movie Review: Warrior (2011)

It may be clichéd but you’ll likely be too wrapped up in it to care. Read More »

Movie Preview: September 2011

With summer coming to an end, so to are the blockbusters of yesterday. Read More »

Movie Review: Arthur (2011)

Dreadfully boring aside from a handful of quips and the always saving grace of Helen Mirren. Read More »

Blu-ray Review: The Thin Red Line – The Criterion Collection

This unique war film receives an exceptional Blu-ray transfer, complete with unforgettable cinematography and thoughtful performances. Read More »

Creative Alchemy: What Does a Producer Add?

"So there I was on the phone with a veterinarian discussing a cat’s behind." — Douglas Wick Read More »

Capsule Reviews: Four Indie Titles From Phase 4 Films

If you’re a fan of indie cinema, these titles should do the trick. Read More »