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Do Controversial Sponsors Undermine the Olympic Games?

Should companies that sell unhealthy food products be sponsors of the Olympic Games? Read More »

Andrew Lansley: Parliamentary Pugilist

It had been billed as an epic battle: Burnham vs. Lansley. It ended with us being none the wiser. Read More »

A Look at Healthcare in the UK

Is the NHS delivering a good service? A user's view. Read More »

Homeopathy Exposed in UK Government Report

Homeopathy is the placebo effect and should not be provided on the NHS Read More »

Book Review: Austerity Britain: 1945-51 by David Kynaston

Lively, entertaining, and portraying a country that is wrestling with many of the same problems today. Read More »

An American Health Care Skeptic Defends the NHS

Although the NHS might not be the role model Americans are looking for, the government-run British health-care system is not evil. Read More »